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"We`ve put you in as the first pavilion in Norway. Congratulation !"
Carl Malamud
Internet 1996 World Exposition
March 15, 1996

Congratulations on a job well done!
April 30, 1996 - Ari Burton, The Family Jewel Award

In my eyes you`re one of those people who help
the World Wide Web to become an interesting & beautiful site."
May 13, 1996 - Blue Rose, Germany

We are pleased to confirm that you are
officially Cool in America & International
May 3,1996

June, 1996

My page Golden Poems web page
received this fine award

"To thine own self be true"
William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Awarded July 1996

For improving the human condition
for a global community
July 1, 1996

July 3, 1996

Awarded July, 1996

This site is a Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award WINNER!
This site is a Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award WINNER!
Awarded July 15, 1996

Awarded July 18, 1996

This mouse is an ambassador and travle beyond his wildest dreams!
He promises to be good, write home, work hard, and stay out of the Pubs.
Tank you Sondra
July 21, 1996

Tank you to the Award Selection Committee!
July 21, 1996

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