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Best International Site
July 26, 1996

"Congratulations! - This site is awarded with the Golden Grail"
July 27, 1996

Wow... a Cool site
July 28, 1996

Awarded site of July
July 31, 1996

CONGRATULATIONS With The Extremely Hot Award !
August 1st, 1996

You definitely do deserve the Elegance Award !
August 4, 1996

Many thanks for your very prestigeous award!
August 7, 1996

Congratulations ! Because your site provides free useful information,
your site has won the "NetGiver" Award.
August 20, 1996

Bestowed The Proad Eagle Award - Tanakia !
August 27, 1996

Selected as the BEST in its category for AUGUST 1996

Stavanger History Guide won the Gold Medal at
Internet 1996 World Exposition by World Fair
Secretariat. The Internet World Exposition is an EXPO
built in cyberspace. This EXPO is the public face on a planetary
government initiative to greaty expand the transoceanic
firbre optic networks. This project has a budget in the hundred
of millions of dollars. Expo represents visually to a global audience
(fast becomming a global village) just what this will mean in
terms of planetary telecommunications to provide International
Friendship and Global Understanding. The coming together of all
people and cultures everywhere to meet on neutral
ground. Contsentience. Ordinary people and their governments all
over the world are invited to build something
(a pavilion site) that is an artistic expression of
the time and place where they live, of their culture
and way of life, and throw this open
to the world.

December 16, 1996

Stavanger History Guide is proad to have won
The Portal Peace Award.
The Peace Award is given to sites that is belived
to be corner-stones for peace.

January 21, 1997

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