Déconstruction 97

Musée Psyché will change

From 1 December 1996 to 31 January 1997, Musée Psyché will go through lots of changes. Which is as if Musée Psyché until this day was a mere cocoon. Musée Psyché will be more band width aware, more fun to visit, more exciting, "more private fantasies, more complex (Floating Away - YMO)." Museum people will travel to Tokyo, Amsterdam, Manchester, Macclesfield (Cheshire, UK) and London to complete these changes.

All projects and exhibitions will continue unless otherwise notified. Please keep informed.

Please visit the latest Musée Psyché after the déconstruction.

Dream Nexus - August 1996 Special Exhibition
Bitniks Picnic - September 1996 Special Exhibition
MoMO (Museum of Mind Odyssey) - October 1996 Special Exhibition
My Body - November 1996 Special Exhibition

Always under déconstruction

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