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Audio and Video for Congressional Hearings
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Greetings -

Pardon for the long to: and cc: lines. I'd like people to scan the list and see if I've missed anybody. This is the only general message that will be sent. We'll be doing further communications on the list:


To subscribe to that list:


I've tried to summarize the current situation. Please feel free to comment and to make suggestions for change ... nothing is fixed in stone. We are currently missing a presence from Sprint. Congressman Markey will be placing a personal call to Sprint to enlist their support. We are also missing a technical rep from BBN at the moment.

On July 26, the House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee will be holding oversight hearings on the Internet. The hearings will be headquartered in the grand ballroom of the National Press Club, one of the project sponsors.

Some witnesses will be remotely located at BBN in Cambridge and Xerox PARC in Palo Alto. Dartnet will be used to move audio and video of the witnesses to the National Press Club. The Club will be linked to Dartnet with a T1 line which will connect to the Sprint point of presence in downtown DC. When the Club is online as a Dartnet node, Bellcore will be off the network.

At the club, the T1 line will go into a Sparcstation 2 which will be the Dartnet router. The Sparcstation 2 will share an Ethernet with a Sparcstation 10 which will run NV. The Sparcstation 10 will be connected to a scan converter which will go to a mult box which will in turn distribute the audio out to television monitors throughout the room.

Video will use the new Nacho card from Sun which does Cell B compression. The card uses NV for video display and requires a Sparcstation 10 running Solaris. Don Hoffman has written a software decoder for Cell B for NV and will release the code into the public domain. Don and Ron Frederick will take the video and audio feeds off of Dartnet and send them out to the MBONE at lower resolution.

In addition to the Dartnet link into the Club, we will also have a 10 Mbps link over MFS fiber to Alternet. Approximately 40 Sparcstations and other devices will be used on this network to provide e-mail, gopher, xmosaic, and other interfaces. The devices on this network will *NOT BE CONNECTED* to the Dartnet-based systems.

It is essential that the T1 line and the Dartnet connectivity be tested well ahead of time. Once I have Sprint on the hook, I will coordinate with ISI, Parc, Sun, and BBN to figure out a testing schedule.

Thanks to all of you for participating in what should prove to be an extremely exciting day. Congressman Markey has indicated that he will pull out all the stops to make sure that project sponsors get credit, publicity, and eternal graditude. I've booked a half-hour of C-band satellite and a professional film crew and producer. We'll get a video newsreel up on the satellite that afternoon and make sure your local TV stations know its coming. We'll also produce a documentary after the fact that you'll be able to use.

Five weeks and counting!


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