Quantum leap of kimchi

From the seventeenth century kimchi went through a revolutionary development, especially with the use of chili. Chili was introduced from Japan shortly after their invasion of 1592, and began to be popularly cultivated in about 1600. Turnip was replaced by daikon radish, and Chinese cabbage came to be used more than any other vegetables, and kimchi became much close to the kimchi of today. Thus the radical change seems to come from the success in growing chili and larger vegetables like radish and Chinese cabbage.

With the coming of cabbage and radish to replace the vegetables that were popular until then including turnip, cucumber and eggplant, Winter Kimchi also seems to have begun to be made populary about the same time in the same constitution as today's where the seasoning made of various flavorings and vegetables is stuffed between the cabbage leaves.

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