Beeneul Kimchi

The word Beeneul means "scales," as in fish scales. The kimchi is named such because the slits made in the chunk of radish look like the scales on a fish. Cucumbers can also be made together with the radish kimchi. Buy cucumbers when they are best and pickle with salt. Steep out the salty taste by soaking in water when before making the kimchi.

Materials(makes for four) and Precooking

10 young radishes
10 cucumbers
20 leaves Chinese cabbage
2 cups coarse salt
10 cups water
1 radish
1 cup ground red chili
2 sheaths young scallion
1 binding dropwort
1/2 binding leaf mustard
1/2 cup shrimp juice
2 bulbs garlic
1 chunk ginger
young radish choose smooth, medium-sized radishes and wash clean. Cut into halves and make many slits at slanted angles on the round sides.
salting soak the radish and cabbage leaves together in salted water. Take out and rinse. Drain.
cucumber get them when they are in season. Pickle in salted water.
radish clean and wash. Cut into 3cm (1 1/5 inch) pieces.
dropwort, leek, young scallion clean and wash. Cut into 3cm pieces.
shrimp juice gather up the solid part and mince.
garlic and ginger clean and wash. Mince.
  1. Some of the materials and most of the wares actually needed are not included in the materials list, assuming they are readily available in any home.
  2. Metric values are approximated into pounds and inches, as they are not absolutes.

  1. Wrap the pickled cucumbers with a piece of cloth. Weight with a heavy stone to squeeze out water. Make many slits as you have made with the radishes.
  2. Seasoning; Mix strip-sliced radish well with ground red chili, shrimp juice, minced garlic and ginger, dropwort, scallion and leaf mustard.
  3. Stuff the seasoning in the slits. Wrap each piece with a leaf of cabbage and pile in a pot. Let ferment.

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