Theatres of Learning, is the Canadian presence at the 1996 Internet World Exposition. Our theme reflects the importance of knowledge and information as our society moves from an industrial-base to the information age. The Canadian Organizing Committee invites everyone, individuals, government, business and industry to help in building our pavilions, to bring our events to the world, and to create real places where people can visit the fair to learn about cultures from around the world and this key technology which will influence our lives for years to come.

The wonderful and beautiful graphics that illustrates the Theatres of Learning were conceived and created by the superb graphics designers at Corel Corporation, demonstrating the wizardry and power of Corel products. We are indebted to Corel Corporation, for their support and for being an Official Organizer of the 1996 Internet World Exposition.

Additional graphics support was provided by the graphics folks at Ingenia Communications Corporation.

Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc. has generously contributed a new Ultra SPARCServer 170 to host the Canadian Park site. This provides a solid foundation for creating our pavilions and events. We would especially like to thank the folks at the Sun Ottawa office.

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