What's New in October

October 2

There are new prize winners! Have a look at our Golden Medal Pavilions and Vote for others to win prizes yourself.

October 7

Please welcome four new regions! Visit two new islands: the Pitcairn Island and the Fiji Islands as well as two new African regions: Egypt and Sierra Leone.

We now have people participating from over 60 different regions! Great! Please help us add more and become involved in your area.

October 11

You can now visit three spectacular new Dutch pavilions:

The New Waterway Storm Surge Barrier. This is the final element of the Delta Project, the plan to protect the Netherlands against the sea. The Storm Surge Barrier is the largest hydraulic project under construction in the Netherlands. It is nearly as long as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and weighs four times as much.
Impuls is the Dutch center for science and technology. Visit the institute building which is currently being constructed in Amsterdam. Get to know their projects and experience quicktimeVR movies of this institute.
Maritime technology from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: A multimedia catalogue of the Dutch Navy model collection, 1698-1889 The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam holds a unique collection of approximately 1,600 models originally belonging to the Royal Dutch Navy, which illustrate the rich history of Dutch shipbuilding and seafaring in the 18th and 19th centuries.

October 14

We have two new regions presenting themselves on the worlds fair. Please, welcome Angola and Bolivia!

Among the new pavilions, we present an Interactive Guide to the World's Columbian Exposition and Korea Insights, the Samsung pavilion.

October 24

Joe Cocker Live! Directly from Paradiso in Amsterdam. This concert is brought to you in association with the Internet 1996 World Exposition. The concert will start at 21.30 (GMT+1).

View the concert live in your netscape browser or if you have a high bandwidth connection (> 96kbps), be sure you install Xing Streamworks.

October 25

In the new pavilions this week you'll find all the 3d models you need at the 3dcafe. You can read the news at Newsletter-ICP

Have a look at all new regions we added, here they come:

Thank you all! Keep up the good work and help us build a public park for the global village.

October 31

We added lots of German pavilions, find out for yourself and see that there is more than Wurst and Kraut!

Also visit the Greek Marble site, now one of the pavilions inside central park.

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