What's New in July


The International Secretariat of the Internet 1996 World Exposition is still working on the reorganization of the fairgrounds. We're a little of scheme, but it's starting to look great! The new fair is expected to be ready at the start of august.

July 2

Moooeeeeuuhhhh!! Those amazing Dutch have done it again. Create and maintain your own cow in the cow simulator. Get your cow to produce as much milk as it can and win a real Dutch cheese. It wil be shipped to you wherever you live.

July 15

Welcome our two new regions: Greece and the Czech Republic.

July 19

Visit IBM as they feature the olympic games. Check out the latest news, the Olympic weather forecast, and send mail to your favorite athletes!

July 23

The world premiere of the Brain Opera, an interactive musical journey into your mind to be presented simultaneously in physical and cyber space!

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