What's New in march

March 28

First thing we need to do is fire the What's New editor. ;-)) As those of you know that have been roaming the fairgrounds, things have been hopping despite the lack of regular updates in this section!

The Regional Pavilions are up to 47 regions of the world, including recent additions from locations such as Tibet, San Blas de Cuna, Colombia, Portugal and many others! Don't forget to go look at the other regions as well. There has been major activity in locations such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the the Netherlands!

The theme pavilions are also moving along nicely. If you haven't noticed, there are now several hundred groups participating. Check out the newly opened Aw Taw Kaw Pavilion for Thai food, or go visit any of the other Theme Pavilions.

Behind the scenes, the Internet Railroad and Central Park are moving along. Central Park now has 6 active sites and more are coming. The Railroad is about to undergo a big transformation as Japan adds a huge number of lines inside the country and as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan will be linked into the first Internet backbone in Asia! Also behind the scenes, the transition to a new Secretary-General is almost complete and Dr. Blokzijl is ready to become our new fairmaster@park.org. Be patient with him as we complete the transition effort.

March 7

It's been a busy month at the fair! Read about the first world's fair on the Internet in Time Magazine. The fair continues to be making news all over the world. Check out the article in Computerworld Poland!

Many new regions have joined the fair! We're pleased to welcome new additions from Andorra, Argentina, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Indonesia, Laos, and Nepal.

Several new pavilions have sprung up, and lots of additions have been made to existing pavilions: over 86 new pavilions! Look inside the brand-new Animal Pavilion, Arabian Pavilion, and Environment Pavilion Look for big changes inside of the Family History, Medical, World Cultures, Art & Music, Web, Food and Markets, and People Pavilions.

Central Park is working very well. The Amsterdam server is now in full operation, joining machines in Japan, Korea, London, Adelaide, and Washington, D.C. One of the goals of the fair has been to build Central Park and have it stay behind when we're done as a series of independently run "cyberstations." As part of this processed, the International Secretariat of the fair is pleased to announce that we'll be moving the main park.org server into the very capable hands of Professor Paul Jones (founder of the SunSite program) and his institute at the University of Virginia. They will run town.hall.org, north.pole.org, and support the fair throughout the end of the year.

As part of the fair's commitment to making sure this is a real world's fair, we're pleased to announce that the International Secretariat will move from the U.S. to Europe on April 1 when Dr. Rob Blokzijl will become Secretary-General. Dr. Blokzijl has directed European Operations for the Fair, and has a long distinguished history in European networking. Congratulations!

Support from world leaders continues to come in. Check out the Letters section of the fair and read the letter from the President of Slovenia.

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