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March 20, 1995

Mr. Carl Malamud
President, Internet Multicasting Service
The National Press Building, Suite 1155
Washington, D.C. 20045

Dear Mr. Malamud:

It is my understanding that you will be working with engineers, community leaders, companies, universities, and non-profit organizations from around the world to organize the Internet 1996 World Exposition. This is an exciting and innovative idea, and I would like to pledge the Administration's support to help make this first "World's Fair for the Information Age" a success.

As with previous world's fairs, we have an opportunity to:

Specifically, the 1996 Internet World Exposition will allow communities to share their experiences in tackling environmental problems, expand the educational and cultural resources available to our children, and increase access to government databases. All communities need public spaces, and the global village we are creating is no exception.

Recently, the G-7 nations agreed to cooperate on a number of applications pilot projects in areas such as education and training, digital libraries, electronic museums, and on-line government. It is clear that your initiative will promote many of these applications, and we will certainly encourage our G-7 partners to participate in the World's Fair.

I wish you and your collaborators the best of luck, and look forward to the World's Fair as something all of us will remember for years to come.


Al Gore