The White House

March 28, 1995

Congratulations to the Internet Multicasting Service on the announcement of the Internet 1996 World Exposition--the first global fair of its kind for the Information Age.

Information technology plays a pivotal role in our economic, educational, and social progress. That is why the Vice President and I have made the National Information Infrastructure a key element of America's strategy for meeting the challenges of this new era.

Just as world's fairs in earlier days popularized the electric light, the telephone, and other technologies that dramatically reshaped our lives, this Exposition will help people everywhere to realize the promise of the future. Across vast oceans in a matter of seconds, the Internet enables individuals from all walks of life to transmit and receive volumes of information. From business and international relations, to medical care and academia, computer networking is bringing the nations of the world closer together and strengthening all of our countries.

As one of millions who finds the Internet an invaluable resource, I commend you and the many other dedicated individuals who are making this exposition possible. Your commitment is helping society to embrace the exciting opportunities of the twenty-first century and beyond.

Bill Clinton