Department of Trade and Industry

1 Victoria Street

London SW1E 0ET

Ian Taylor MBE MP
Minister for Science and Technology

Carl Malamud Esq
Internet Multicasting Service
The National Press Building
Suite 1155
United States of America

6 November 1995

Dear Mr. Malamud:

It was very interesting to hear about your plans for the Internet 1996 World Exposition at our meeting today.

The UK Government is actively promoting the development and use of new information and communication technologies and the Internet, of course, has a major role to play here. Use of the network is growing rapidly and it is estimated that, in the UK alone, over 2 million people accessed the Internet last year. This appears an impressive statistic until it is appreciated that it represents only about 4% of the UK population. So there remains large sections of the population who are still unaware of the opportunities and benefits which the Internet offers. Therefore, your plans for a World Exposition are very timely.

The UK Government seeks to provide leadership in Internet use by being an intelligent user itself. My Department established a server on the World-Wide Web earlier this year and this already carries a wide variety of information. Via the Government Information Service, over 100 other UK Government Departments and public sector organisations make information about their activities available on the Internet.

One of the Internet's strengths is its wide base of users - both those that access information and those that make information available to others via the network. Your Exposition will help further broaden the base of users hence enhancing the Internet's usefulness to all. I wholeheartedly welcome your initiative and look forward to UK organisations and individuals playing a full and active part in ensuring its success. We are happy to act as a focal point within the UK to stimulate and coordinate the effort of industry in participating in your exhibition.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Taylor