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This page attempts to provide a perspective on network connectivity and its availability of an Internet portion in Thailand.

Information on this page is divided into two categories:

Major link status at Fri Jan 24 23:13:00 GMT+0700 1997.

Link status is checked on the 13th, 28th, 43rd and 58th minute of the hour. Results are available 5 minutes thereafter.

Link Name Packet Loss Rate Round Trip Time (ms)
ITSC-MCI(us) No Loss 270.681
NECTEC-SINET(jp) No Loss 102.263
MCI(us)-SAMART 60% 242.38
MCI(us)-LOXINFO No Loss 382.148
MCI(us)-ANET 20% 512.526
MCI(us)-LINETHAI 10%-40% 231.233
MCI(us)-CAT-ASIAACCESS 10% 524.677
MCI(us)-CAT-INFONEWS No Loss 611.333
MCI(us)-CAT-ANET 10% 611.275
MCI(us)-CAT-WNET 20% 433.739
MCI(us)-CAT-SGA 10% 564.289
MCI(us)-KSC 20%-10% 578.847
UUNET(us)-CHULA 60%-10% 687.187
SPRINT(us)-ASIAACCESS 30%-10% 212.125
SPRINT(us)-KSC 10%-40% 572.112
SPRINT(us)-WNET 30%-10% 203.755
NECTEC-AIT No Loss 90.84
AIT-CHULA -Down- -Down-
ITSC-LOXINFO -Down- -Down-
ITSC-SAMART No Loss 661.652

Thailand Network Hub Connectivity Map

The maintainer appreciates comments, bug reports, topology/connectivity updates or anything relevant to providing a more accurate information on this page.

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