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Chapter 93: Arms And Ammunition; Parts And Accessories Thereof

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 930100       Military weapons other  than revolvers and  pistols
              and the  arms of heading No.9307                          0 
 930200       Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading
              No.9301                                                   0 
 930300       Other firearms and  similar devices which operate
              by the firing of an explosive charge (e.g. sportings
              shortgun and rifles,  muzzle loading firearms,
              very pistols and  other devices designed  to project
              only  signal flares; pistols and revolvers  for firing
              bland  ammunition; captive-bolt humane killers,
              line-throwing guns) 
 930310       Hunting guns                                             40 
 930390'      Other                                                     0 
 9340         Other arms (e.g. firearms of all kinds; spring, air
              or gas guns and  pistols,  truncheons) excluding those
              of heading No.9307 
 930410       Air guns, of a  kind  weighting not exceeding 17 kg      40 
 930490       Other                                                     0 
 9305         Parts and accessories of articles of heading
              No.9310  to 9314 
 930510       Of hunting guns, air guns weighing not exceeding 17 kg   30 
 930590       Other                                                     0 
 930600       Boms, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles and similar
              munitions of war  and parts  thereof cartridges  and
              other  ammunitions and projectiles and parts thereof,
              including shot and cartridge wads                         0 
 930700       Swords,  cutlasses,  bayonets,  lances and similar
              arms and parts thereof and  scabbards and sheaths
              thereofor                                                 5