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Chapter 92: Musical Instruments, Parts And Accessories Of Such Articles

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 920100       Pianos, including automatic pianos; harpsichords and
              other keyboard stringed instruments                       2 
 920200       Other string musical instruments (e.g.guitars;
              violins;  harps)                                          2 
 920300       Keyboard pipe organs; harmoniums and similar keyboard
              instruments with free metal reeds                         2 
 920400       Accordions and similar instruments; mouth ograns          2 
 920500       Other wind musical instruments (emg/clarinets, trumpets,
              bapipes)                                                  2 
 920600       Percussion musical instruments (e.g. drums; xylophones;
              cymbals, castanet, maraccas)                              2 
 920700       Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced
              or must be amplifiied electrically (e.g.organs,
              guitars, mouth-blown  musical instrument)                 2 
 920800       Keyboard instruments and any musical instruments
              and other sound producing instrument, not talling
              within any  other heading of this chapter                 2 
 920900       Parts (e.g mechanism for musical boxes) and auxiliary
              accessories (e.g. Cards, disks, and rolls for
              mechanical instruments) of musical instruments,
              metronomes; tuning forks, pitch pipes of all kinds
              and scrap