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Chapter 90: Optical, Photographic, Cinematographic, Measuring,
Cheking Precision, Medical Or Surgical Instruments
and Apparatus

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 900100       Optical fibres and optical fibre bundles ; optical
              fibre cables other than those  of heading No. 8544;
              sheet and plates of polarising material; lenses
              (including constact lenses); prisms, mirrors and other
              optical element, of tany materal ; unmounted, other
              than such elements of glass not optically worked          0 
 900200       Lense,prisms, mirrors and other optical elements,
              of any material, mounted, being parts of or fittings
              for instruments or apparatus, other than such elements
              of glass not optical worked                               0 
 9003         frames and mountings for spectecles; goggies or the
              lije and parts thereof 
 9003         frames and mountings 
 900311       Of plastic                                               10 
 900390       Parts                                                    10 
 9004         Spectabcles, goggles and the like, corrective,
              protective or other 
 900410       Sunglasses, colour-changeble spectales 
 90041010     Corrective spectabcles (short or long-signted)            1 
 90041000     Other                                                    20 
 900490       Other 
 90049010     Corrective spectacles (short, long-sighted) ; goggle      1 
 90049090     Other                                                    20 
 900500       Binocular, monocular, other optical telescopes, and
              moutings therefor other astronomical instruments and
              mounting therefor, but not including instruments  for
              radio astronomy                                           0 
 9006         Photographic (other than cinematographic) cameras ;
              photographic flashlight apparatus and flashbulds.
              Other than  discharge lamps of heading No.8539 
 900610       Cameras of a kind used for preparing for printing
              plates or cilinders                                       0 
 900620       Cameras  of a kind used for recording document on
              micro-film; micro-fiche or other microform                0 
 900630       Cameras, specially designed for underweter use,
              for underwerer use, for underwere uwem for acrial
              survey on for medical or surgical examination of
              international organs; comparison cameras for forensic
              or criminological purposes                                0 
 900640       Instant print cameras                                    30 
 900640       Other cameras 
 900651       Cameras with a throught-the-len view inder single
              leraflex (SLR), for roll film of a width exceeding
              35mm                                                     30 
 900642       Cameras for film of a sidth less than 35mm               30 
 900653       Other for roll film of a width less than 35 mm           30 
 900659       Other                                                     1 
 900659       Photographic flashlights apparatus and flashbulds 
 900661       Dischanrge lamp (electronic) flashlight apparatus        20 
 900662       flashbulds, flashcubes and the like                      20 
 900669       Other                                                    20 
 900669       Parts and accessories for photographic cameras 
 900691       for cameras 
 90069110     Of heading No. 900640 to 900653                          15 
 90069190     Of heading No.900620 to 900630 and 900659                 0 
 900699'      Other                                                    15 
 900700       Cinematographic cameras and projectors, whether or
              not incorporating sound recoring or raproducing
              apparatus                                                 0 
 900800       Image projectors other than cinematographic
              photographic (other than cinematographic) enlargers
              and reducers                                              0'
 900900       Photo-copying apparatus incorpirating an optical
              system or of the contact type and thermo-copying
              apparatus                                                 2 
 9010         Apparatus and equipment for photographic (including
              cinematographic) laboratories (including arapparatus
              for  the projection of circuitpatrerns on sensittsed
              semicoproductor material) not specified or included
              elsewhere in this Chapter, negatoscopes ;
              projection screens 
 901010       Apparatus and equipment for automatically developing
              photographic (including cinematographic) film or paper
              in rolls or for automatically exposing developed film
              to rolls of photographic paper                            5 
 901020       Other appatatus and equipment for photographic
              (including cinematographic) laboratories;
              negatorscopes                                             5 
 901030       Projection screens                                        0 
 901090       Parts and accessories                                     1 
 901100       Compound optical microscopes including those for
              microphotography) microcimatographic or
              microprojection                                           0
 901200       Microscopes other than optical microscopes and
              diffraction apparatus                                     0 
 903100       Liquid Crystal devices, not constituting articles
              orivieded for more specifically in other optical
              appliances  and instrument not specified or included
              elsewhere of this chapter                                 0 
 901400       Direction finding compasses, other navigatonal
              instruments and appliances                                0 
 901500       Survey (including photogrammetrical surveying)
              hydrographic; oceanographic, hydrological,
              meteological or geophysical instruments and appliances
              excluding compasses, rangefinders                         0 
 901600       Balances of a sensitivity of 5 cg or better, with or
              without weights   1                                       0 
 9017         Drawing, making out or mathematical calculating
              instruments (e.g drafting machines,  pantographs,
              protractors, drawing sets, slide rules,
              disc calculator). Instrument for measuring lenght,
              for use in the hand (e.g measuring rods and tapes,
              micrometers, callipers), not specified or included
              elsewhere in this chapter 
 901701       Other drafting tables and machines, whether or not
              automatic                                                 0 
 901720       Other drawing, making out or mathematical calculating
              instruments                                               5 
 901800       Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical,
              dental or veterinary sciences including  scintigraphic
              apparatus  and sight testing instruments                  0 
 901900       Mechano-therapy  appliances; massage apparatus;
              psychological aptitude-testing  apparatus; ozone
              therapy, oxygen therapy artificial respiration or other
              therapeutic respiration apparatus                         0 
 902000       Other breathing appliances and gas masks, excluding
              protective masks having neither mechanical parts and
              nor replaceable filers                                    0 
 902100       Orthopeadic appliances including crutches, surgical
              belts and trusses, splints and other tracture
              appliances, artificial parts  of the body, hearing aid
              and  other  appliances  which  are  worn  or  carried or
              implanted in the body to compensate for a defect of
              disability                                                0 
 90220        Apparatus based on the use of x-ray  or alphabeta or
              gammaradiations, whether or not for  medical, surgical,
              deltal or veterinary uses, including raiography,
              or radiotherapy apparatus, x-ray tubes and other x-ray
              generators, control panels and desks, screens,
              examinnation or treatmentables, chairs and the like       0 
 902300       Instrucments, apparatus or models, designed for
              demonstrational purposes (e.g.in education or
              exhibition) unsuitable for other uses                     0 
 902400       Machines  and appliances  for testing the hardness:
              Strenngth compresibility; elasticity or other
              mechanical properties of materials (e.g.metal,
              wood; textiles;paper;plastic)                             0 
 902500       Hydrometers  and similar floating instruments;
              thermometers, pyrometers, barometers; thermometers,
              and psychrometers recording or not, and any combination
              of these instruments                                      0 
 902600       Instrument  and apparatus for measuring or checking
              the flow, level, pressure or other variables of liquids
              or  gasses (e.g. glowmeters; level gauges; manometers
              heat meters)  excluding instrument of  heading No.9014,
              9015, 9028, 9032                                          0 
 902700       Instrument and apparatus for physical or chemical
              analysis, e.g. polarimeters, refractometers,
              spectrometers, gas or smoke analysis apparatus;
              instrucments and apparatus for measuring  or checking
              viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or
              the like; instruments  and apparatus for measuring
              or checking quanlities of heat, sound or light
              (including exposure meters), mictrotomes                  0 
 902800       Gas, lequid or electricity supply or procuction meters,
              including calibrating meters thereof                      0 
 902900       Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters,
              mileometer, pedometers and the like; speed indicator;
              tachometers other than those of heading No.9015;
              stroboscopes                                              0 
 903000       Oscillosopes, spectrum  analyzers  and  other
              instruments  and apparatus for measuring  or  checking
              electrical quanlities, other than meters of heading
              No.9028; Instruments and apparatus for detecting
              alphabeta, gamma, x-ray, cosmic or other ionising
              radiations                                                0 
 903100       Measuring or checking instrument, appliances and
              machines  not specified or included elsewhere in
              this chapter, profile projectors                          0 
 903200       Automantic regularting or controlling instruments and
              apparatus                                                 0 
 903300       Parts and accessories, (not specified or included
              elswhere in this chapter) for  machines appliances
              instruments or  appartus of chapter 90                    0