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Chapter 89: Ships, Boats and floating structures

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 8901         Cruise ships, excursion boats, ferry-boats,
              cargo ship barges and simiar vessels for the
              transport of persons or goods 
 890110       Cruise ships, excursion boats and similar vessels,
              principally designed for the transport of persons or
              goods,   ferry-boats of all kinds                         0 
 890120       Cargo carrying vessels                                    0 
 890130       Refrigerated vessels other than those of subheading
              No. 890120                                                0 
 890190       Other vessels for  the transport of  goods and other
              vessels for the transport of both persons and goods       0 
 890200       fishing vessels ;  factory ship and other vessesing
              or preserving fishery products                            0 
 890300       Yachts and other vassels for pleasure or sports;
              rowing boats ad canoes                                    5 
 890400       Tugs and pusher craft                                     0 
 890500       Light vessels,   five-floats dredgers;  floating
              cranes and other vessels, the navigability of which
              is subsidialry to  their main function; floating docks
              floating or submersible drilling or  procucing plattorms 
 890600       Other vessels, including warships and lefeboats other
              than rowing boats                                         0 
 890700       Other vessels floating structures (e.g rafts, tanks,
              cofferdams, landingstages, buoys beacons)                 0 
 890800       Vessels and other floating structures for breaking up     0