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Chapter 83: Miscellanneous Articles Of Bas metal

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 8301         Padlocks and locks (key combination or electrically
              operated) of base metal claps and frames  with claps,
              incorporating locks  base metal; keys for any of the
              foregoing articles, base metal 
 830110       Padlocks                                                 20 
 830120       Locks 30160 of a kind used for motor vehicles            20 
 830130       Locks of a kind used for furniture                       20'
 830140       Other locks                                              20 
 830150       Clasps and frames with clasps incorporating locks        20 
 830160       Parts                                                    20 
 830170       Key presented separately                                 20 
 8302         Base mountings,   fitting  and  similar articles,
              suitable,   for furniture, doors staircaser,
              windows,  blinds coachwork,  saddery, trunks, chests
              caskets or the like;   base metal hat-racks,
              hat-pegs,  brakets and similar fixtures;   castors
              with mountings  of basemetal,   automatic door closers
              of base metal 
 830210       Hinges                                                   20 
 830220       Castors with metal fittings                              20 
 830230       Other mounting,  fittings and similar articles
              suitable for motor vehicles                              30 
 830230       Other mounting, fittings and similar articles 
 830241       Suitable for buildings                                   20 
 830242       Other suitable for furniture                             20 
 830249       Other                                                    20 
 830250       Hat-racks, hat-pegs, bracket and similar fixtures        20 
 830260       Automantic door closers                                  20 
 830300       Armoured or reinforced  safes,   strong boxes and
              doors  and safe deposit lockers for strong-rooms,
              cash or deed boxes and the like of base metal            20 
 830400       filling cabinets,  card-index cabinets, paper trays,
              paper rests, pen trays, office-stamp stands and
              similar office  or decks equipment,   of base metal
              other than office furniture of heading 9404              30 
 8305         fitting  for  loose-leaf  binders  or  files, letter
              clips letter corners, paper clips,  indexing tags,
              and similar office articles, of base  metal, staples
              in strips (e.g,   for office,  upholstery,  packing)
              of base  metal 
 830510       fitting toe loose-leaf binders or files                  30 
 830520       Staples in strips                                        30 
 830590       Other, including parts                                   30 
 8306         Bells, gongs and the like,  non-electric,  of base
              metal statuetes and other ornament,  of base metal
              photograph, pictur or similar frames, of base metal,
              mirrors of base metal 
 830610       Bells, gongs and the like                                30 
 830610       Statuettes and other ornament 
 830621       Plated with precous metal                                30 
 830629       Other than                                               30'
 830630       Photograph, picture or similar frames, mirrors           30 
 8307         flexibel tubing of base metal, with or without fittings 
 830710       Of iron or steel                                         20 
 830790       Of other base metal                                      20 
 8308         Clasps,  frames with clasps,  buckles,  buckle-claps,
              hooks, eyes, eyelets and the like,  of base metal,
              of kind used for clothing, footwear, awnings, handbags,
              travel goods or  other made-up articles,   tubular  or
              bifurcated rivets, of base metal, beads and spangles,
              of base metal 
 830810       Hooks, eyes and eyelets                                  30 
 830820       Tubllar or bifucated rivets                              30 
 830890       Other articles including parts                           30 
 8309         Stoppers,   caps and lids (including crown  corks,
              screw caps andpouring stoppers) capsules for bottles,
              threaded bungs, bung covers, seals and other packing
              accessories, of base metal 
 830910       Crown corks                                              20 
 830990       Other                                                    20 
 831000       Sign-plates,   name-plates,   address-plates and
              similar  plates, numbers, letters and other  symbols,
              of base metal,   excluding  those of heading 9405        20 
 8311         Wire, rods,  tubes,  plates, electroes and similar
              products of base metal or of metal of metal or of
              metal carbides,  coated or cored with flux  materials,
              of a kind used for soldering,  brazing, welding of
              deposition of metal carbides;  wire and rods, of
              agglomerated base metal powder, used for metal spraying 
 831110       Coated electrades of base metal, for electric arc-
              welding                                                   1 
 831120       Cored wire of base metal for electric arcwelding          1 
 831130       Coated  rods  and  cored  wire,   of base metal,
              for soldering, brazing or welding by flame                1 
831190        Other, including parts                                    1