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Chapter 82: Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal; parts thereof base metal

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 8201         Hand tools the following spades, shovels,  mattocks,
              picks,  hoes, forks amd rakes axes,   bill hooks and
              similar hewing tools,   secateursand prurers of any
              kind;   scythes,  sickles,hay knives,  hedge shares,
              timber wedges and other  tools of  a kind  used in
              agriculture,   horticulture or forestry                  20 
 820110       Spades, and shovels                                      20 
 820120       forks                                                    20 
 820130       Mattocks, picks, hoes and rakes                          20 
 820140       Axes, bill hooks and similar hewing tools                20 
 820150       Secateurs  and  similar  one  handed pruners and
              shears(including poutry shears)                          20 
 820160       Hedege shears,  two-handed pruwing shears and
              similar two handed shears                                20 
 820190       Other hand tools  of a kind  used in agriculture
              horticulture of forestry                                 20'
 8202         Hand saws,  bludes for saw blades of all kinds
              ( including slitting slotting tooth or toothless
              saw blades) 
 820210       Hand saws                                                20 
 820220       Hand saw blades                                          10 
 820220       Cicular saw blades including slitting slotting
              saw blades:                                              10 
 820231       With work ing part of steeel                              0 
 820240       Chain saw blades                                          0 
 820240       Other saw blades                                          0 
 820291       Strainght saw blades for working metals stones            0 
 820299       Other saws                                                0 
 8203         files, pliers(   including   cutting   pliers)
              pincers,   tweezers, metal-cutting shears, piper-
              cutter bolt croppers,  perforating punches and similar
              hand tools  
 820310       files, rasps and similar tools                           20 
 820320       Pliers(including cutting pliers, pimcers, tweezers,
              metal-cutting shears)and similar hand tools              20 
 80330        Metal-cutting shears and similar tools                   10 
 820340       Pipe  cutters,   bolt croppers  perforrating punches
              and similar  hand tools                                  10 
 8204         Hand-operated spanner and wrches, hand-operatesd
              (including torque meterchangeable spanner sockets,
              with or without  handles  spanners sockets, with or
              without handles 
 820411       Non-adjiustable                                          20 
 820420       Hand tools (including  glazies diamonds) not
              elsewhere specifiel or included, blow lamp,  vices,
              clamps and the like, other than accessories for and
              part of machine tools,   anvils,   portable forges,
              hand or pedav-operated grinding wheels with frameworks 
 820510       Drilling andthreading and tapping tools                  20 
 820520       Hammers and sledge hammers                               20 
 820530       Planes,  chisels,   gouges and similar cutting
              tools for working wood                                   20 
 820540       Screwdrivers                                             20 
 820540       Other  hand tools  (including giazirs  s diamonds)
              for cutting:                                             20 
 820551       Household tools                                          20 
 820559       Other hand tools                                         20 
 820560       Blow lamps                                               20 
 820570       Vices, claps and the like                                20 
 820580       Anvils,  portable forges,  hand or pedal-operated
              grinding wheels with frameworks                          20
 820590       Sets of articles of two or more of the foregoing
              subheating                                               20 
 820600       Tools of two or  more of the heading of the  heading
              8202 through 8205 put up in sets for retail sale         20 
 8207         Interchangeable tools for hand,  whether or not
              power-operating, or for machine tools (eg, for
              pressing, stamping, punching tapping, threading,
              including dies for drawing or extruding metal,
              and rock drilling or earth boring tools 
 8207         Rock drilling or earth boring tools 
 820711       With   workings   parts  of  sinterredmental  carbides
              or  metal cerments                                        1 
 820712       With a working parts of other material                    1 
 820720       Dies for drawing or extruding metal                       1 
 820730       Toold for preesing, stamping and punching                 1 
 820740       Tools for tapping or threading                            1 
 820750       for drilling other than for rock drilling                 1 
 820760       for broaching or milling                                  1 
 820770       for turning                                               1
 820780       for scew driving                                          1 
 820790       Other interchangeable tools                               1 
 8208         Knives   or   cutting   blades   for  machines  or
              for  mechanical appliances 
 820810       for working metal                                         1 
 820820       for working wood                                          1 
 820830       for kitchen appliances or for machines usd  by the
              food industry                                            20 
 820840       for agricultural, hosticultural or forestry machines      1 
 820890       Other tools                                               1 
 820900       Plates,   tips and the like for tools,   unmounted,
              of sintered metal caribides or carmets                    1 
 821000       Machanical appliances,   hand-operating,  weighing
              10kgs or less, used in the preparation conditioning
              or serving of food or drink                              20 
 821100       Knives with cutting blades,   serrated or  not
              (including pruning knivers) other than knivers of
              heading No.8208 and blades thereforf                      1 
 8212         Razor and  razor blades  thereof (including  razor
              blade  blanks in  strip 
 821210       Razors                                                   20 
 821220       Safety  razor blades  (including razors  blade blanks
              in strip)                                                20 
 821290       Other parts                                              20 
 821300       Scisors,  tailors shears and similar shears, and
              blades therefor                                          25 
 8214         Other articles of cutlery (e.g hair clippers,
              butchers or kitchen cleavers, choppers and mincing
              knives paper  knives,   manicure or pedicure  sets
              and instrucments (including nail files) 
 821410       Paper knives, letter openers,  erasing knives,
              pencil Sharpeners and blades thereofr                    30 
 821420       Manicure   or  pedicure  sets  and  instruments
              (including  nail files)                                  30 
 821490       Other cutlery articles                                   30 
 821500       Spoons,   forks,  ladles,  skimmers,  cake-servers,
              fish-knives, butter-knives, sugar tongs and similar
              kitchen or tableware                                     30