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Chapter 80: Tin and articles Thereof

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 800100       Unwrought tin                                             2 
 800200       Tin wastes and scraps                                     2 
 800300       Tin bars, rods, profiles and wire                         2 
 800400       Tin plates, sheets, strips, of a thicknees
              exceeding 0,2mm                                           2 
 800500       Tin foil   (whether   or   not  printed  or  backed
              with  paper, paperboard, plastcs  or  similar
              backing  materials)  of  a  thickness not  exceeding
              0,2mm (excluding any backing); powder and flades
              of tin                                                    2 
 800600       Tin bues,   pipes and tube pipe fittings
              (e,g,couplings;  elbows, sleeves)                         5 
 800700       Other, articles of tin                                   20