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Chapter 76: Aluminium and articles thereof

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 760100       Unwrought aluminium                                       0 
 760200       Aluminium wasteand scrap                                  0 
 760300       Aluminium powders and flakes                              0 
 760400       Aluminium bars, rods and profiles                         0 
 760400       Aluminium bars                                            0 
 760400       Other                                                     5 
 760500       Aluminium wire                                            5 
 760600       Aluminium sheets,  plates, strip of a thichknes
              exceeding 0,2 mm                                          5 
 760700       Aluminium  foil(  whether  or  not  printed  or
              barked with paper paperboard, plastics or similar
              backing  material) of a thickness (excluding any
              backing) not exceeing 0,2 mm                              1 
 760800       Aluminium tubes and pipes                                 5 
 760900       Aluminium   tupes  or  pipe  fitting  (eg, couplings,
              elbows, sleeves                                           5
 7610         Aluminium structures (excluding prefabricated
              building of  heading 9460) and parts of structures
              (eg.bridges,   brige-sections,   lockgates, towers,
              lattice masts, roofs, roofing frameworks, doors,
              windows and their, frames, thresholds  for  doors,
              balustrades, pillars, columns); of alumunium, plates,
              rods, profiles, tubes and the like, prepared for use in
 761010       Doors, windows, and their frames and thesholds
              for doors                                                15 
 761090       Other                                                    10 
 761100       Aluminium reservoirs,   tanks,  vats;  and similar
              containers for any material (other  than  compressed
              or  liquified  gas)  of  a  capacity  exceeding 300
              liters,   whether or not lined or heat - insulated,
              but not fitted with mechanical of thermal equipment       1 
 761200       Aluminium,   casks,  drums,  cans,  boxes and similar
              containers, (including rigid  or  collapsible  tubular
              containers)  for  any materials (other than compressed
              or liquefied gas),   of a capacity not exceeding 300
              liters, whether  or not  lined or  heat -  insulated,
              but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment      20 
 761300       Aluminium containers for compressed or liquefied gas      0 
 761400       Stranded wire,  cables, plaited bands, and the like,
              of aluminim,not electrically insulated                    2 
 761500       Table;  kitchen or other household articles and parts
              thereof, of aluminium, pot  scourers and  scouring or
              polishing pads,   gloves and the like of alumimium.
              Sanitary ware and parts, thereof, of aluminium           30 
 761600       Other, articles of aluminium 
 76160010     Tins and cans for containing beer gaseous soft drinks    15 
 76160009     Other production                                         20