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Chapter 58: Special Woven fabrics; Turfted Textile fabrics, Lace; Tapestries; Trimmings, Embroidery

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 580100       Woven farbics pile chenille fabrics other than fabrics
              of heading No.5802 or 5806                               40 
 580200       Terry towelling and similar woven terry fabrics others
              than narrow fabrics of heading No. 5806, tufted,
              textile fabrics, other than products of heading No.5703  40 
 580300       Gauze, other than narrow fabrics of heading No.5806      40 
 580400       Tulles and other not fabrics not including woven,
              knitted or crocheted fabrics lace, in the piece,
              in strip or in motifs                                    40 
 580500       Tapestries, hand-woven, of the type Gobelins,
              flandres, Aubusson, Beauvais and the like and
              needle-worked tapestes (eg. petit point, croos-stitch)
              whether or not made up                                   40 
 580600       Narrow woven fabricts, other than goods of heading
              No.5807 narrow fabrics consisting of warp without weft
              assembled by means of an adhessive (bolducts)            40 
 580700       Labels, gadges and similar articles of textile
              material, in the piece, in strips or cut to shape
              or size, not embroidery.                                 40 
 580800       Braids in the piece, ornamental trimings in the
              piece, without embroidery, other than knitted or
              crocheted, tassels, pomppons and similar articles        40 
 580900       fabrics, woven of metal thread or of metallized yarn
              of heading No 5605, of a kind used in apparel,
              as furnishing fabrics or for similar purpose,
              not elsewhere specified or inclueded                     35 
 581000       Embroidery, in the piece, in strips or in motifs         40 
 581100       Quited textile products in the piece componsed of
              one or more layers of textile materials assembled
              with padding by stitching or otherwise, other than
              embroidery No 5810                                       40