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Chapter 50: SILK

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 500100       Silk worm cocoons suitable for reeling                    0
 500200       Raw silk (not thrown)                                     0
 5003         Silk waste (including cocoons unsuitable for reeling
              yarn waste and garnered stock)     
 500310       Not carded or combed                                      5 
 500390       Other silk waste                                          5 
 500400       Silk yarn (other than yarn spun from silk waste)
              not put up for retail sale                                1 
 500500       Yarn spun from silk waste                                 5 
 500600       Silk yarn and yarn spun from silk waste, put up for
              retail sale, silk-worm gut                                5 
 500700       fabrics woven of silk and silk-waste    
 500710       fabrics of noilsilk                                      35 
 500720       Other silk fabrics containing 85% or more by weight
              of silk or of silk waste (other than noil silk)          35 
 500790       Other silk fabrics                                       35