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Chapter 44: Wood And Articles Of Wood; Wood Charcoal

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 4402.00      Wood charcoal (including shell or not charcoal)
              whether or not agglomerated                               5 
 4403.00      Wood in the rough whether or not stripped of bark
              or sapwood, or rongly squared                             1 
 4404.00      Hoopwood split poles, pickets and stales of wood,
              pointed but not sawn lengthwise; wooden sticks,
              roughly trimmed but not turned, bent or otherwise
              worked, suitable for the manufacture of walking-sticks,
              umbrellas, tool handles or the like, chipwood
              and the like                                              2 
 4403.00      Wood wool, wood flour                                     1 
 4406.00      Railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties) of wood          1 
 4407.00      Wood sawn or chipped lenthwise, sliced or peeled,
              whether or not planed, sanded or finger-jointed of a
              thickness not exceeding 6mm                               2 
 4408.00      Venner sheets and for plywood (whether or not spliced)
              and other wood sawn lengthewise, sliced or peeled,
              whether or not planed, sanded or finger-jointed, of a
              thickness not exceeding 6mm                               5 
 4409.00      Wood (including strips and friezes for parquet
              flooring, not assembled), contunously shaped (tongued,
              grooved, rebated, chamfered, V-jointed, beaded, moulded,
              rounded or the like)  along any of its edhes or faces,
              whether or not planed, sanded or finger-jointed           5 
 4410.00      Particles board and similar board of wood, or other
              ligneous material whether or not agglomerated with
              resins or other organic binding substances                5 
 4411.00      fibreboard of wood or other ligneous material,
              whether or not bonded with resins or other organic
              substances                                                5 
 4412.00      Plywood, venneered panels and similar laminated wood      5 
 4413.00      Densified wood, in blocks, plates, strips or profile
              shape                                                     5 
 4414.00      Wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirros or
              similar object                                           40 
 4415.00      Packing cases, boxeds, crates drums and similar sof
              wood, cable-drums and similar packings of wood,
              cable-drums of wood; box pallets and other load
              board of wood                                            30 
 4416.00      Cashks, banrrels, vats, tubs and other coopers
              products and parts thereof, of wood including staves     30 
 4417.00      Tools, tool bodies, tool handles, broom or brush
              bodies and handles of wood, boot or shoe, lasts and
              trees of wood                                            30 
 4418         Builders joinery and carpentry of wood including
              cetherdar wood panels, assembles parquet panels,
              singles andshakes    
 4418.10      Windows and their frames                                  5 
 4418.20      Doors and their frames                                    5 
 4412.30      Parquet panels                                            5 
 4418.40      Shuttering for concrete constructional work               5 
 4418.50      Shingles and shakes                                       5  
 4418.90      Other                                                     5 
 4419.00      Tableware and kitchenware of wood                        40 
 4420.00      Wood marquetry and inlaid wood, caskets and cases
              for jewellery or cuttelery and similar articles of
              wood, statuettes and other ornaments of wood, wooden
              articles of furniture not fallmgin chapter 94            40 
 4421.00      Other avticles of wood                                   40