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Chapter 42: Article Of Leather, Sadlery And Harness, Travel Goods Handbags And Similar Containers, Articles of Animal Gut (Other Than Silk Worm Gut)

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 4201.00      Saddlery and harness for any animal (including traces,
              leads, knee-pads, muzzles, saddle clothes saddle bags,
              dog coats and the like) of any material                  30 
 4202.00      Trumks, suit-cases, vanity-case, excutive-cases,
              brief-cases, school satchels, binocular cases,
              camera cases, musical instrument cases, spectacle
              cases, gun cases, holsters and similar containers,
              travelling bags, toillet bags, sucksacks, handbags,
              shopping-bags, wallets, purses, map cases,
              cigarette-cases, tobacco-pouches, toolbags, sport bags,
              bottle cases, fewellery boxes, powder-boxes,
              cutlery cases and similar containers of leather or
              of composition leather, of plastic sheeting, of taxtil
 4203         Articles of apparel and clothing accessories of leather
              or of composition leather                                30 
 4203.10      Articles of apparel                                      50 
 4203.10      Gloves, nittens and nitts    
 4203.21      Designed for use in sports                               40 
 4203.29      Others                                                   50 
 4203.30      Belts and bandollers                                     40 
 4203.40      Other clothing accessories                               40 
 4204.00      Articles of leather or of composition leather or a
              dind used in machinery or mechanical appliances or
              for other technical uses                                  1 
 4205.00      Others articles of leather or of composition leather     20 
 4206         Intestine of cat                                          1 
 4206.90      Other                                                     1