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Chapter 34: Soap; Organic Surface Active Agents; Washing Preparation, Lubricating preparation, Artificial Waxes, Polishing Or Scouting Preparations, Candles And Similar Articles, Modelling Pastes Dental Waxes And Dental Preparation With a Basis of Plaster

 Code                     Product                                    Rate %

 3402         Organic surface-active agents (other than soap);
              surface-active preparations, washing preparations
              (including auxiliary washing preparation) and cleaning
              preparations, whether or not containing soap, other than
              those of heading No.34.01    
 3402         Organic surface-active agents, whether or not put up for
              retail sale;    
 3402.11      Adionic                                                  20 
 3402.12      Cationic                                                 20 
 3402.13      Non-ionic                                                20 
 3402.19      Other                                                    20 
 3402.20      Preparations put up for retail sale                      20 
 3402.90      Other                                                    20 
 3403         Lubricating preparations (including cutting oil
              preparations, bolt or nut release preparations,
              anti-rust or anti-corrosion preparations and mould
              release preparations, based on lubricants) and
              preparations of a kind used for the oil or grease
              treatment of textile materials, leather, furskins
              or other materials, but not excluding preparations
              containing, as basic constituents, 70% or more by
              weight of petroleum oils obtained oils of oils obtained
              from bituminous minerals    
 3403.10      Lubricants packaged in container not exceeding
              20 litters:    
 3403.10.10   Hydraulic oil obtained from mineral oils for
              hydraulic system                                         20 
 3403.10.20   Lubricants for electrical transformers, Aircraft
              engines                                                  12 
 3403.10.90   Other                                                    20 
 3401         Soap; organic surface - active products and
              preparations for use as soap; in the form of bars,
              cakes or moulded pieces