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The Story:

Founded and operated by the Viet Nam Institute of Information Technology, NetNam is a computer network based on BBS architexture and dedicated to development.

The Netnam server was set up in Hanoi in December 1994. It open to all organisations and business enterprises and primarily serve the NGO, multilateral, bilateral and other development organizations operating in Viet Nam.

In response to the increase of subscribers and the trend of becoming the nationwide network, the Southern Netnam server was brought into operation on 3rd February 1996. As the time of this writing, there are organisations subscribe for Hanoi server and organisations subscribe for the server in ho Chi Minh City.

Netnam is offering the following services:

Main services

Send and receive electronic mail to and from the world's most extensive computer network: the Internet. This permits to exchange e-mail with any correspondent at less than one-tenth the price of a fax or telex.

An ever-expanding number of electronic discussion forums are available on NetNam, allowing subscribers to discuss and exchange information of common interest on specialized or general topics. For example, topics may include forestry activities, street children, food aid, NGO administrative concerns, office rentals, commercial services, social activities, etc.

As the system grows, more and more information will be available for on- line retrieval, including text files and databases provided by NetNam or made available by subscribers that wish to share information with others. This may include various directories of organizations and resources, statistical compilations on development issues, annual reports, specialized documentation, etc.


Subscription Rates

ItemRegistration ( USD )Monthly basic charge ( USD )Transm. to and from Internet ( USD/ kB )Time connected to Netnam ( USD/ min )
Very low income0100.150.01

How to connect to NetNam?

If you don't already have a modem, we advise you to purchase a V34 28.8 or V32bis 28.8/14.4kb fax/modem with Error correction & Data compression MNP & V42, V42 bis. Any modem will work with NetNam, but the faster your modem, the less you will have to pay in telephone charges. (We also support it)

For the time being, NetNam only has staff and access lines in Hanoi. We will not likely have services in HCM City or other cities for a few more months. To connect to NetNam yourself, we suggeste:

  1. Purchase a 28.8/14.4kb modem, and install it on your computer;
  2. If you have Procom Plus, or Terminal is avaiable in Accessories of Windows, when you buy a modem, you normally also get a communication software (likely to be BitFax/Bitcom for Windows). Install the software on your computer, and make sure all the setups are correctly done (closely follow the manuals for both the modem and the software);
  3. You will then be able to dial the NetNam numbers in Hanoi, and open your account yourself, preferably using a short (no more than 8 characters), simple name such as "demo", or "demovn". Simply follow instructions from the NetNam server machine once you have established connection. Your e-mail account will be, for internet mailing:


    and simply [user-id] within NetNam. From that point on, you will be able to exchange mail with the NetNam system operator (sysop), for any support you would need.

You will be charged soon after opening the account for registration and 2 months basic charges asked in advance, also you can download the software World Group Manager kind of Client/Server from Libraries in Netnam, which is more convenient
Please then ask sysop to mail you a copy of the NetNam manual all the information in this manual is also online, but the printed version will facilitate your operations, and reduce the time you need to be connected to the NetNam host in Hanoi.
To reach the NetNam host with your modem, you may dial of the following numbers: (84-4) 362-356 One last thing: we will need your signature for legal registration to NetNam.
Could you please fill-up the following registration form, and fax it as soon as possible, with your signature on it. to our office in Hanoi. Hoping to meet you online very soon, best regards.

E-mail us at the address

for further information.
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