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Ministry of Light Industry

The Ministry of Light Industry is the governmental body to perform the function of State management in the Light industry throughout the country according to the policies, directions of the State, Party to produce high quality consumer goods covering the demand of the people, for export, to contribute to the life level's improvement, reproduction, domestic economy's expansion.

The Ministry of Light Industry performs the tasks, powers and responsibilities defined in the Statute on organization and operation of the Governmental Council and the regulations on tasks, powers and responsibilities of the Ministries in the field of economic management.

The Ministry of Light Industry manages the directions, planning, plans, science, technics, policies, standards, economical, technical norms, training, control upon the implementation of the following industries :

The Ministry of Light Industry is responsible for studying the directions, planning for production development , policies, economical, technical regulations to improve the light industry of Vietnam, especially in the following fields :

  Departments of ministry:
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