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Ministry of Construction.

Ministry of Construction is the Government agency to perform the function of State management regarding construction, building materials, houses, public projects and architecture, urban and country-side development planning throughout the country.

The Ministry of Construction performs the tasks, powers and responsibilities in State management of the Ministries and ministerial - level agencies defined in Decree No.15/CP dated March 2nd, 1993 of the Government, and the following concrete tasks, powers :

  • 1. To study, draw up and submit to the Government strategy, general plans on the development, construction of houses, public projects, building materials , the master planning on construction of II type and upper urban, important industrial areas, economic concentrated areas according to the requirements of socio-economic development, to direct and control the project implementation when the approval of the Government is granted for each project.
  • 2. To draw up and submit to the Government for issuing or to issue - within its jurisdiction- regulations, policies in the field belonged to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction.
  • 3. To approve - within its jurisdiction- planning, architectural drawings, technical designs of construction projects according to the regulations of the Government. To collect and unifiedly manage data, design, survey documents of projects managed by the Government.
  • 4. To organize the State control, appraisal on the project quality.
  • 5. To perform State management on houses, projects belonged to the State property according to the Regulations of the State defined in Decree No. 51/CP dated August 10th, 1993.
  • 6. To perform State management on public urban projects (including transportation roads, water supply and discharge, public light, trees planting, environment sanitary) and country-side living areas.
  • 7. To manage the issuance of business licenses for doing business in the fields of construction and production of building materials according to the regulations of the Government.
  • 8. To direct, control the usage of planned construction land approved according to the Land Law.

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