Dazzling white sands and swaying palms lapped by the warm, translucent waters of the Gulf of Siam make Sihanoukville and its surrounding islands a pristine seaside getaway. The city's scenic location is ideal, facing ten tropical islands (kohs) including Koh Puos and Koh Ta Keo.

The resort's elegance was established when the Prince opened the Sokha Motel Krung Preah Sihanouk in a coconut grove in 1964.

Cambodia's seaside paradisecan be visited all year round. One can appreciate cool breezes supplemented by sparkling clear skies, while butterflies paint the shores.

The monsoon season--when rains can be torrential--is from June to October while the hot season in April and May, is agreeable by the coast where breezes counteract the humidity.

Watching the sunset during dinner along the coast is the perfect ending to the day. The fresh catch of the day stimulates the palate of seafood lovers. Swimmers can enjoy an evening swim under star-filled skies and glide through the warm water filled with phosphorescence that gleams like diamonds.

Local fishermen will take visitors out to the islands where coral reefs teem with iridescent fish, perfect for snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Further off the beaten track, east of Sihamoukville, is Kep. Founded in 1908, it was the fashionable resort at the turn of the century and maintains a special charm.

It is located just 165 kilometers from the Capital Phnom Penh and 90km east of Sihanoukville.

Kep is situated on a sweeping bay with a palm-shaded cornice and graceful wooded hills adding a scenic backdrop.

Beautiful offshore islands include Koh Po and Koh Tonsay.