Tourism Authority of Bhutan

Payment Procedure

a) Tour operators are required to strictly adhere to the tourist tariff explained under Section 6 to 7 above and deposit full cost of the tour in convertible currency with Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) (less 10% agent's commission where applicable) to be credited to TAB's account with the Bank of Bhutan, Thimphu, in Ngultrums.
b) All tour payments shall be made in advance. Except in cases where it is unavoidable, tour operators must insist on receiving payments in advance from visitors/agents abroad.
c) When advance payments are not possible, full payment shall be made positively before the end of the tour programme and the final account of the tour submitted within one week of the departure of tourists.
d) TAB will strictly scrutinise all cases of delayed payments and will only entertain such cases where the delays are, in TAB's judgement, beyond the control of the tour operator.
e) TAB will not process tourist visa applications of those tour operators who have outstandings with TAB.
f) Manipulation of approved daily package rates and offing tour programs at reduced rates to clients is strictly prohibited. This is in view of serious negative implications which could undermine the policy of the Royal Government to promote quality tourism in the Kingdom. Hence, tour operators are strongly advised to refrain from such practices.
g) All tour payments must be made in convertible currencies acceptable to RMA. The exchange rates shall be based on the rates published by the RMA from time to time.
h) Any loss or gain resulting from exchange rate difference or fluctuation shall be entirely at the risk or to the benefit of the tour operators/agents.
i) As far as possible, all payments shall be made either by demand draft drawn in favour of TAB or telegraphic transfer through RMA's accounts abroad payable into the accounts of TAB with Bank of Bhutan, Thimphu. In both cases. the name of the tour operator as the "beneficiary" shall be clearly stated.
j) Bank charges involved shall be borne by local tour operator or agent abroad as may be mutually agreed between them. TAB shall have no responsibility in this regard.
k) Any other modes of payments other than ones mentioned under i) above, especially in cash, are illegal and are discouraged by TAB. However, under certain circumstances where payments are received in such forms, tour operators shall declare them to TAB alongwith proper documentary testimonials supporting the mode of payments and the amount. Any such payments without the supporting documents shall be considered illegal and shall be liable to confiscation as per foreign exchange rules.