Message to the Internet 1996 World Exposition
February 1, 1996

Mankind has been pursuing the lofty goal of a global village where people can enjoy reciprocal love, mutual help, and peaceful co-existence. Such a goal in fact coincides with the ideal of "The world is a family" long upheld by the Chinese people. The Internet, through international computer networking, has helped bring the real and immense world right in front of us. Indeed, transcending national boundaries as well as racial, religious, and cultural differences, the Internet enables all individuals in the world to freely exchange messages, share thoughts, and make friends with one another. The Republic of China is therefore pleased to participate in the Internet 1996 World Exposition.

After decades of well-planned development, the Republic of China on Taiwan is proud of what it has achieved in the political, economic, and social fields. At present, our GNP is the 18th largest in the world, our per capita national income stands at US$12,000, and our foreign trade volume ranks 13th worldwide. By participating in this exposition, we very much look forward to sharing with other members of the international community our developmental experience and the rich traditional Chinese culture. As an active member of the international society, the Republic of China has been playing a constructive role in world affairs. The 21 million people of the Taiwan area are willing to work hand in hand with their brothers and sisters in the rest of the world to further contribute to the progress and prosperity of the global village.

In closing, may I wish the Exposition a great success!

Lee Teng-hui
President, Republic of China