Wuwei Harbor Waterfowl Sanctuary

Wuwei Harbor is a wetland area located in Suao Township, Ilan County. Because it is a stopping point for migratory birds passing through the area in the fall and winter, and because its rich and unique wetland flora and fauna provide birds with a good source of food, it is one of Taiwan's two largest protected wintering areas for waterfowl. In order to safeguard its function as a habitat for wintering waterfowl and prevent ecological damage due to pollution, Wuwei Harbor has been designated a wildlife sanctuary and accorded full protection and planning measures. One of Taiwan's two largest wintering grounds for waterfowl, Wuwei Harbor Waterfowl Sanctuary is home to several thousand wild ducks and geese from November of each year through March of the following year. At least 140 species of birds have been recorded here. The abundant waterfowl residing here during fall and winter sometimes number more than a thousand at one time.

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