Tanshui River Chunghsing Bridge to Huachung Bridge Wildlife Sanctuary

Downstream of the Huachung Bridge, crisscrossing river channels and proximity to the ocean and its tides cause the Tanshui River to flow more slowly, and here sediments deposited by the river have formed extensive mudflats and wetlands. Because these wetlands generate large amounts of organic matter and shelter abundant bottom-dwelling organisms, they are a favorite feeding spot for great numbers of birds. Large flocks of migratory waterfowl frequent this area seeking food in the wintertime, making it a good place for birdwatching. The Tanshui Wildlife Sanctuary is located in northern Taiwan, and is the first stopping point on the island for birds migrating south in the fall and winter. Many thousands of birds congregate here from September of every year through March of the next. A total of 121 species of birds in 34 families have been sighted here.

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