Nantzuhsien Creek Fishery Sanctuary

Nantzuhsien Creek originates in the eastern foothills of Mt. Ali in Chiai County and flows through Kaohsiung County until it joins with Kaoping Creek at Chishan. Thanks to the pure water that runs in the main channel all year round, the creek supports an abundance of fish. In order to maintain the fish resources of the Sanmin Township section of Nantzuhsien Creek, and to safeguard protected species of fish and their habitat, in May 1993 this section of the creek was designated a fishery sanctuary. From November of each year through May of the next is the dry season for Nantzuhsien Creek, and is also the principal breeding season for its fish. Therefore fishing is prohibited during this time. This area is Taiwan's sole wildlife sanctuary that is primarily intended to protect fish, and at least ten different species of fish live within its boundaries.

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