Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center

Crucial Factors of Success
Time of the Essence
@The Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center Plan is divided into three phases by two milestones, 1997 and 2000, with different priorities for each phase. For the phase between the present and 1997, the priorities are the adjustment of laws and regulations and smaller-scale addition or improvement of facilities. For the phase from 1997 to 2000 and beyond, the plan will proceed diligently in keeping with the completion of various major construction projects and the progress of the Twelve Development Plans. In other words, what can be implemented in the plan will be implemented immediately, and what can be implemented first will be implemented as early as possible.

Efficiency of Administrative Agencies
@Administrative efficiency of the various government ministries and agencies is crucial to the success in international economic competition and the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center Plan. To this end, the Executive Yuan has set up a task force under the premier's personal command. This task force is responsible for formulating major policies and studying and coordinating on views and proposals to ensure expeditious decision-making. Responsibilities for implementation of the plan for the six operations centers have been allocated to various ministries and agencies in accordance with the principle of efficient delegation of power and diligent implementation. In addition, a window has been established under the Council for Economic Planning and Development, by creating a Coordination and Service Office for Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, to provide businesses with onestop service and overcome investment barriers. These ministries and agencies will join forces to form a team to attract foreign investment in Taiwan.

Coordination with Legislative Bodies
@According to our preliminary estimate, about 40 statutes and 110 administrative orders need to be adopted or amended in order to carry out the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center Plan. To save time, the government proposes to enact these measures in the form of an omnibus legislation. The executive branch will strive to win the support of this proposal from legislators and expedite the legislative process.

Forging of Consensus
Any new policy of the government requires detailed planning, wide publicity and consensusbuilding of the people before it can be carried out effectively. This is particularly true for the Asia-Pacific Regional Operation Center Plan, a future-oriented project into the next century, whose successful implementation calls for a consensus by all citizens of our democratic society.

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