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Media Center
Why do we develop a media center?

Satellite TV and cable TV have become increasingly influential and will become the major means of transmitting information in the 21st century. Taiwan must grasp this international trend in order to become a leader in this area. This is to ensure that we can access daily and business information and, simultaneously, develop a pluralistic and yet self-confident culture in the global village, so as to foster a cultural environment for the regional operations center.

We will direct our development efforts at the increasing demand for mandarin programming in the Asia-Pacific region. If Taiwan can use its everincreasing creative talents and liberalizing environment, coupled with its language and cultural advantages and superior facilities and services, domestic and foreign media industries will be lured to invest in Taiwan to develop high-quality television programs and movies. This will gradually establish our position as an Asia-Pacific media center and enable us to demonstrate a form of modern Chinese culture.

How to do it?
-- making Taiwan into an Asia-Pacific bastion of mandarin TV programs and movies and a key player in the East Asia's media market

To produce and supply the Asia-Pacific region with high-quality TV programs and movies, we will start with improvement in both services and facilities. In terms of services, we will foster a conducive environment for media development. The tasks will include liberalizing satellite TV broadcast, strengthening the regulation of the cable TV industry, cultivating professional media talents, and easing restrictions on travels to the Chinese mainland for news gathreing, shooting, and producing programs.

In terms of facilities, we plan to set up a hightech media park. This proposal calls for the use of audio-visual and computer technology and the integration of upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Only when we join our efforts can we produce high-quality programs and movies and play a prominent rols in the Chinese language media market of the Asia-Pacific region.

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