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Telecommunications Center
Why do we develop a telecommunications Center?

The telecommunications center is aimed to take advantage of Taiwan's sizeable existing facilities to effectively improve the performance of the telecommunications industry. Tariffs will be made more reasonable; improved services will be offered. This will transform Taiwan into a regional and even a global hub of information network and management. At the same time, we can raise the standard of the domestic telecommunications industry, enhance its international competitiveness, and develop it into a world-class industry. The fruit of these efforts will be to secure a share of the vast and burgeoning telecommunications market of the Asia-Pacific region.

How to do it?

In the future, we will expedite the transformation of the domestic telecommunications infrastructure, open up the domestic telecommunications market step by step, and improve the quality of services. Meanwhile, we will revamp the regulatory structure of the telecommunications industry in keeping with the policy of liberalization. The business and regulatory aspects of the Directorate General of Telecommuunications of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications will be separated. To improve its efficiency, the DGT's business section will be reorganized into an independent corporation. After we have liberalized the telecommunications industry sequentially, we will develop a national information network based on the efficient telecommunications sector, making Taiwan a hub of the Asia-Pacific digital information networks.

Program for Implementation

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