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Air Transportation Center
Why do we develop an air transportation Center?

The air transportation market in the Asia-Pacific region has an unlimited potential. The development of an air transportation center is aimed to seize this business opportunity and, simultaneously, facilitate the travel of people and the movement of cargo, an attractive incentive for multinational enterprises to use Taiwan as a regional operations center. Taiwan is centrally located and possesses a close-knit economic and trade network, rich tourism resources, and sizable airport facilities. If these resources are fully exploited, Taiwan may well become a transportation hub for passengers and cargo of East Aaia.

How to do it?

To make Taiwan into a passenger and cargo transportation center for the southeast Asian region, we will first use the facilities of the Chiang Kaishek International Airport to develop an express cargo transportation center as a short-term measure.In the medium and long terms, development will proceed on the basis of progress of the cross-Straits relations by establishing a passenger center at the appropriate time. We will also take advantage of the residents' sense of community to build the airport area into an air city as an integral part of the overall development of this area.

Program for Implementation

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