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Sea Transportation Center
Why do we develop a Sea Transportation Center?

A sea transportation center can facilitate cargo transportation between Taiwan and southeast Asia and strengthen Taiwan's bid as an Asia-Pacific regional operations center. It is particularly important for supporting the development of the manufacturing center. Judging from the trend of the global sea transportation, regional transshipping activities in the future will concentrate on a few deep-water harbors that have specific advantages. As Taiwan is located at the geographic center of western Pacific and its ports like Kaohsiung and other harbors have the natural advantages, certainly it can be developed into a container transportation center for East Asia.

How to do it?

Today, Kaohsiung Harbor handles only about half of the containerized shipment volume of Hong Kong or Singapore, indicating that its competitiveness has yet to be improved. Therefore, in the future we will strive to improve its facilities and services and, simultaneously, enhance the supportive functions of Keelung and Taichung Harbors in the island-wide sea transportation system. Moreover, we plan to set up an offshore transshipment center to overcome the difficulties arising from the ban on direct transportation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. This offshore center will allow foreign ships, including those flying the flags of convenience, to ply between the two shores of the Taiwan Straits as long as the cargo does not clear through our customs or enter Taiwan proper. This arrangement will enable the development of regional and inter-continental transportation of containerized goods.

Program for Implementation

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