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Manufacturing Center
Why do we develop a manufacturing center?

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of Taiwan's economic development as well as driving force for future economic breakthroughs. The development of a manufacturing center is intended to strengthen Taiwan's pivotal position in the Asia-Pacific economic community by achieving an efficient division of labor between Taiwan, the Chinese mainland, and southeast Asian nations. This center should be founded upon Taiwan's manufacturing prowess and ride with the tide of progress in hightech industries. It is aimed to develop a well integrate manufacturing industry go high-value-added products and activities commensurate with it, which include R&D, business management, personnel training, designing, technical support, distribution and marketing, and customer services.

How to do it?
--increasing the scientific and technological capability of the industry and marking Taiwan into a "science and technology Island"

To attain this goal, in the future the government will vigorously improve the general environment for developing the manufacturing industry and strengthen the industry's R&D capability. Also, in the next ten years it will establish 20 to 30 intelligent industrial parks on the island by setting the establishment standards and encouraging the private sector to invest. Likewise, the government will organize joint venture corportations between the government and the private sector for development and invesment. In addition, the government will establish a modern telecommunications network to connect the new industrial parks with the traditional industrial zones. This will enable the industries to support each other and transform Taiwan into a "science and technology insland."

Program for Implementation

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