The Republic of China's New Comprehensive Approach

Fruits of Twenty
Major ROC Governmental Policies

[Implementing Social Welfare Programs and Building a Harmonious Society]
[Fostering Positive Interaction and Improving Cross-Straits Relations]
[Protecting the Ecological Environment and Improving the Quality of our Surroundings]
[Accelerating National Development and Enhancing Transportation Convenience]
[Promoting Educational Reform and Intensifying Cultural and Educational Improvement]
[Expanding Pragmatic Diplomacy and Playing an Active Role in the International Community]
[Strengthening Veterans' Employment, Welfare, and Care Services]
[Promoting Fair Trade and Protecting Consumer Rights]
[Cracking Down on Crime and Improving Social Order]
[Mapping Out a Farmers' Annuity Program and Guaranteeing Farmers' and Fishermen's Livelihoods]
[Strengthening Defensive Power and Guaranteeing National Security]
[Pushing Forth Administrative Reform and Establishing Clean and Efficient Government]
[Extending Economic Development and Making Taiwan an Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center]
[Consolidating Financial Administration and Reinforcing Financial Order]
[Safeguarding Labor Rights and Improving Labor Welfare]
[Actively Coordinating Overseas Chinese Associations and Spearheading a New Phase in Overseas Chinese Affairs]
[Ensuring Public Safety and Establishing a Prevention and Relief System]
[Liberalizing the Radio and Television Media, and Strengthening News Dissemination to the World]
[Creating Technological Development and Boosting International Competitiveness]
[Implementing the National Health Insurance Program and Enhancing Public Health Care]

Courtesy of the Government Information office, Executive Yuan, ROC.

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