Kung-chung-tang Tsou-ts'e, Palace Memorials

Original manuscript. Ch'ing dynasty (A.D. 1644-1911)
20.2 x 70.0 cm.

Memorials were documents prepared by officials when submitting opinions, reporting on government affairs, or when making requests to the emperor, on which the emperor would make comments in red ink. Since they contain information relating to all aspects of the government, they provide first-hand material for historical research. The form of the memorial was not standardized during the period of the emperor Kang-hsi (A.D. 1662 1772), but from the time of the emperor Ch'ien-lung (A.D. 1736-1795) until the end of the Ch'ing dynasty, the numbers of columns and characters in a memorial were strictly limited: six columns per folded page and twenty characters in a column including two characters raised above the body of text. Shown here is a section of a Palace Memorial written on the 291h day of the 2nd month in the 2rid year of the emperor Yung Cheng's reign (A.D. 1724).

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