Poetic Introduction to the Lou-shou Hall by the Emperor Ch'ien-lung.

Wife of K'ung Hsien-p'ei, Ch'ing dynasty. (A.D. 1644-1911 )
Embroidery, Hanging scroll on tightly woven fine silk twist. 127.0 x 61.5 cm.

A storied pavilion and courtyard have been embroidered in a scenery of fantastically shaped rocks, tall pines and large mountains rising in distance. In the upper left corner the "Poetic Introduction of Lou-shou Hall", a seven-syllable regulated verse by the Ch'ien-lung emperor, has been copied in em-broidery. In the lower right corner the embroidered inscription reads: "Reverently embroidered by K'ung Hsien-pien's wife of the Yu family."
The colors are fresh and bright, while the glitter of the silken strands quite dazzling. All of the tree trunks have been retouched with brush color.

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