Ma Ch'ang Chasing the Enemy

Lang Shih-ning or Giuseppe Castiglione (A .D. 1688-1766), Ch'ing dynasty (A .D. 1644 - 1911 )
Color on paper. Handscroll. 38.4 x 285.9 cm.

Ma Ch'ang was a daring general under the emperor Ch'ien-lung of the Ch'ing dynasty. He won great fame for his victory over the Sinkiang Uighurs at the battle of Hu-erh-man.
The general is portrayed on a white horse at full gallop with both hands holding a bow and an arrow, determined to chase the already wounded enemy carried by a black horse.
Lang Shih-ning was an Italian Jesuit skilled at painting and architecture. At the age of twenty-seven he came to China as a missionary and was summoned to court to serve the emperor. He painted figures, flowers and birds, but is especially known for his depiction of horses.

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