A City of Cathay (two sections)

Joint work by Sun Hu, Chin K'un, Tai Hung, Ch'en Chih-tao and Ch'en Mei. Ch'ing dynasty (A.D. 1644~ 1911 )
Ink and color on silk. Handscroll. 35.6 x 1,152.8 cm.

During the Sung dynasty, Chang Tse-tuan painted a version of the Ch'ing-ming Festival on the River, depicting life in the capital of K'ai-feng. His composition was often copied by later artists. h~ this version by five court artists, the brush is deftly handled; the bridges, houses and figures all are precisely painted. The handscroll is an excellent example of Ch'ing-dynasty academic work. The painting was commissioned by the court on December 5th in the first year of Ch'ien4ung reign (A.D 1736).

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