High Mountains and Long Streams

K'un-ts'an (A.D. 1612 ca. 1673), Ch'ing dynasty (A.D. 1644-1911)
Color on paper. Hanging scroll. 332.1 x 127.8 cm

The monk K'un-ts'an (whose family name was Liu and style name Shih-hsi) came from Wu-ling in Hunan province. Toward the end of the Ming dynasty he became a monk at the Monastery San-chia in Lung-shan. His landscape style is unique and exuberant, and his brushwork delicately captures the essence of Wang Meng (A.D. 1308-1385).
This painting depicts the T'ien-tu peak of the Huang Mountains. The peak soars into the sky with rainbows hung on its waterfalls. In the thatched pavilion at its foot two men are leisurely enjoying the scenery. Veils of clouds and mist swell up in the vast valley, as compelling and awesome as stormy billows.

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