Flowers and Bamboo

Hsu Wei (A.D. 1521-1593), Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644)
Color on paper. Hanging scroll. 337.6 x 105.5 cm

Hsu Wei was a native of Shan-yin, Chekiang. His style names were Wen-ch'ing and Wen-ch'ang; his sobriquets were T'ien-ch'ih and Ch'ing-t'eng lao-jen. He excelled in painting landscapes, figures, flowers, insects, bamboo and stones. Hsu Wei himself felt his calligraphy surpassed his poetry, while his essays were superior to his painting.
This painting, depicts sixteen different types of flowers, not all of which would normally bloom in the same season. Hsu Wei makes note of this in his inscription. Most of Hsfi Wei's paintings are small in format. Scrolls of this size being quite unusual among his works.

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