Clearing after Snow in a Mountain Pass

T'ang Yin (A.D. 1470 1523), Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368 1644)
Ink and light color on silk. Hanging scroll. 69.9 x 37.3 cm.

T'ang Yin was a native of Wu, Kiangsu. His style names were Tzu-wei and Po-hu; his sobriquet was Liu-ju. T'ang Yin was also noted for his poetry and calligraphy, and is included as one of the Four Masters of the Ming dynasty.
In this painting powerful and cutting axe-cut strokes model the mountains. Round fluid strokes of the type used in executing seal characters delineate the trees. Careful descriptive details have further been added in the figures and houses. During the Hung-chih (A.D. 1488-1506) period, T'ang Yin traveled north. While this scene may not depict an actual site, it does capture a northern atmosphere.

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